What I eat before a workout? After being challenged on her overall fitness by fellow GoT star Sophie Turner (who happens to be related to her fiancĂ© Joe Jonas), the 31-year-old mother-of-two admits that she’ll only have a small workout before hitting the treadmill. ‘Well, let me put it like this: I will probably have a bowl of oats before I start my workout, that’s my only workout,’ she says on her chat show. ‘I have so much energy to cook all day and be like “Well, this is what I do to get all the energy,” but I have kids.

It’s totally not healthy. It’s kind of sick.’ The actress began working out before getting into shape for Game Of Thrones after seeing how attractive her physique became for the role. She gives credit to a group of exercise instructors who taught her in Los Angeles. ‘It started with some little boutique exercise classes. Like, I’d get up, I’d go to a yoga class, I’d go to spin class. Being beautiful: Sansa Stark is described by GoT producers as a ‘larger, meatier-lipped, kohl-lined beauty’ Getting tips: Sophie works out with a group of fitness instructors in Los Angeles ‘I couldn’t go to the gym with the kids. I’d get frustrated,’ she admits.

Now, I don’t have to worry about it. I don’t do an actual workout, and then I go to work, and I do my work. ‘I do something [like running] before I work out. I get on my bike before I work out. So my spin class is my cardio.’ She also describes her workout style in terms of the vegetables she eats. ‘What I’m doing before I work out is the same thing I’m eating in the morning before I eat anything else,’ she explains. ‘So that’s my nutritional intake, and that’s my protein. Then I have a really light snack. It might be a cup of popcorn. Or a handful of popcorn. I’m a cornholer, I guess.’ ‘I would cook a chicken every night. I would have chicken.

I’d have broccoli, peppers, carrots, a little bit of onion. I’d take a nice salad, or I’d make eggs. And I’d eat that in front of the kids before I put anything on my body.’ Do you know who else eats popcorn? Goldie Hawn and Kate Hudson Muscle fit: Sophie has a large frame that she describes as ‘pretty muscular’ The 31-year-old actress is a big fan of popcorn too, and she loves the fluffy creaminess of her chef father-in-law’s turkey sausage puffs as a snack. She also confesses to eating shrimp before her workout. Despite her family’s celebrity status, Sophie says she eats in front of her kids whenever possible, including meal times. ‘Anytime they’re hungry, I’m hungry. Like, all day, every day. I eat in front of them. Before I work out. So my kids know what a good life I’ve had,’ she explains.

Sophie’s brother-in-law Joe plays the frontman in the pop group The Jonas Brothers, which is known for its catchy dance tunes and even more catchy videos. The siblings started working together in 2005 when Joe had a role in Sophie’s movie Being Sophie. Plenty of family: Sophie is pictured with her brother-in-law, Joe Jonas, who is also a famous singer Family time: Sophie is pictured on the GoT set with her brother-in-law and her dad, who served as a producer on Game Of Thrones Joe says Sophie’s family has been hugely supportive and excited to see her on the show. ‘Sophie is one of the only people I’ve really worked with where I’ve got to know her when she was just a kid,’ he says. ‘She was on a commercial and she just blew me away. ‘I thought she was so beautiful, and so special. Then you meet her when she’s this big star on Game Of Thrones, and she’s amazing in every way. I’m just a little nervous about her playing a big role.’ The Jonas Brothers released two albums in 2007 and 2008 and have yet to release any more since then.

The last time they appeared in a music video was in 2009, for a song called Six Six Five. Headed to work? Sophie stars as Sansa Stark in Game Of Thrones In her own words: Sophie does not share the truth about her diet before working out Not a smooth ride: Sophie was almost pulled off a treadmill after she fell while filming for Game Of Thrones More family time? Sophie is pictured on the GoT set with her dad in October 2015 In fact, Sophie says her family has a lot of say in what she does or doesn’t eat. ‘If my dad is the boss, he’s the boss. He wants it, so I just do what he says,’ she says. She also says she drinks a lot of water. ‘I drink a lot of water. I also drink a lot of coffee. I don’t drink soda. I don’t really eat fast food. The only kind of fast food I eat is Mexican.’ Sophie says she takes care of herself. ‘I eat fish. I eat eggs. I eat all kinds of vegetables,’ she explains. ‘I would cook a chicken every night. I would have chicken. I’d have broccoli, peppers, carrots, a little bit of onion. I’d take a nice salad, or I’d make eggs. And I’d eat that in front of the kids before I put anything on my body.’ She would eat fish before doing a workout too, but after a workout she takes it a little bit further. ‘I’d probably have fish before I go to the gym, before I have a workout. If I had one cheat day a week, it would be chicken.’

But she says there are other rules to follow for her own body, which she has had to work out for herself. She has made a lot of changes: Sophie has slimmed down over the years and has even gone under the knife to enhance her beauty Fashion fiend: Sophie looks elegant in this campaign for H&M Fashion forward: Sophie pictured in this pink dress while promoting the H&M x Zendaya collection ‘I think, obviously, you can’t eat everything,’ Sophie says, admitting she has enjoyed fast food, and likes burgers. But she says her main focus is nutrition. ‘So I eat anything, but only in moderation. I eat more veggies than meats. I eat a lot of vegetables, and I feel good,’ Sophie says. ‘I eat a lot of fish. I have organic eggs, because I like eggs. I love eggs, especially for breakfast.’